I’ve been trying to figure this website out for a long time

It’s finally arrived! I know I’ve been promising a new website since… oh, I don’t know, I reached my first 100 subscribers on YouTube?

Wow, OK. So that was quite a long time ago. My bad. 😳

NO EXCUSES! It’s just time to get down to business and make this thing happen!

Welcome to the new!

On this new website you’ll find a few things that I hope you’ll enjoy:

  • Personal blog posts with me rambling about life or being a content creator
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at content I’m creating
  • Coffee Beans and other Merch for sale
  • Private content, videos, and polls for my Regulars
  • Announcements relating to YOU and the Café Community
  • More?

Of course, I can’t do much over here without you, so be sure to leave a comment (or message me on Discord) with your ideas for how I can make this website a great place to visit!

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