Why I don’t want to share my plans anymore

I’ve fallen into a trap.

Or, really, I’ve been comfortably living in the bottom of this trap for quite some time. Only occasionally lifting my head up to recognize I’m in the trap before laying back down to get comfortable again.

That trap is, “telling other people what my goals are.”

There’s an interesting psychological phenomena that happens when I tell other people my goals. I lay out my plans on paper. I get excited. I shout the news out to the world about what I’m working on. And….

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The goal isn’t reached. The plans aren’t executed on. The ideas are put aside for something new and fresh and exciting.

The reason why I know this is a trap is because when I don’t do this, I can finish running the race just fine. Looking back on the past two years of what I’ve achieved, I can honestly say that I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve been able to do. When I don’t share everything I’m doing, then it’s a lot easier to actually finish and release it.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still fall into the trap. Just look how long it took me to launch this website. Womp, womp….

There’s plenty that I could go into detail about on why the trap exists, and how it affects all of us (yes, even you), but Peter Shallard has already done a great job of summing it up in his article, Why telling people your goals is a fatal mistake.

“When you tell someone about your next big idea, the mental process of visualizing future success convinces your unconscious mind that it’s already happened. It doesn’t fill your body with pre-victory anxiety… It fills it with post-win celebration!”

Peter Shallard

Here’s what you need to know:

I have goals for this website, this company, this community that is “The Café”, and I am going to work my tail off to complete them.

We all get to benefit if my follow-through is as consistent as my lead-up, but there’s definitely some room for improvement in that regard.

Moving forward, I want you to know that I am working on things that you will get to see, but I don’t want to keep sharing all of the details, or any at all, before I can put the final result on full display.

Sketch of an upcoming Minecraft map I'm working on.
Just ignore that I shared this already. 😛

It may seem at times like I am going silent or not as active, but I hope that my last two years of dedication to this community have proven that I am going to deliver something to you. The main difference now is that instead of spending time patting myself on the back, convincing others that my ideas are cool, or trying to get people hyped up for what’s to come, I’m going to get laser-focused on the tasks at hand AND COMPLETE THEM.

That doesn’t mean I won’t share some things that I’m working on. My Regulars will get some sneak peeks at what’s coming, and will even help me make decisions with their votes. I may even share progress updates here on the blog so you can all publicly keep up with what I’m doing.

But it’s high time I buckle down and get focused on getting out of this trap, or another six months will pass where I’ve not accomplished what I’ve wanted to, and you’ve not gotten the great content that you deserve.

See you on the outside.

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