This YouTube channel might keep you up all night

YouTube is amazing. It can simultaneously teach you things that will make you a better person, while also keep you from doing the bare necessities needed to actually be a better person.

Without regular sleep, your stamina regen will be low, you’ll be more susceptible to taking damage from otherwise weak opponents (like those who are highly specialized in psychological-based attacks), and you may find yourself hallucinating about the ghosts and phantoms that prey on the insomniacs of the world.

TierZoo is both a blessing and a curse for this reason.

I LOVE this YouTube channel. It’s got a super unique content structure that’s both really engaging and educational. It’s fun with a little bit of consistent quirkiness that makes it easy to binge watch a lot of episodes at once.

And it’s kept me up way too late several nights this week.

I first got pulled in because, as a YouTuber, I think it’s very important to watch other channels outside of my regular lineup to get inspired and make improvements to my own content, and as a gamer it tickles my curiosity in more ways than one.

You know all of those gaming channels that give you a breakdown of the best mechanics, top tier matchups, strategies, and build guides? TierZoo is that, except for the Earth that we live in.

Imagine a video game where you can choose to play as any animal, plant, fungi, bacteria, virus, or even archaea throughout ALL OF HISTORY. TierZoo is the expert on the gameplay features, other players, and phenomena that you’ll encounter in your playthrough.

Historical events that triggered each new era in the history of life on Earth aren’t just called by the names, “Mesozoic”, “Jurassic”, “Precambrian”, and the like… they’re called “patch notes” and are the attempts from “the developers” to balance the game in various ways.

The different species of a particular type of animal, like the Canine, aren’t just variations of the same base animal, but are described as different build strategies for players who are going for a specific game style.

Nests aren’t just where animals are sometimes born… they’re “respawn points”, and animals that typically make a snack of infant animals use a “spawn camping” strategy to rack up easy experience points.

Only the most toxic players act like this. (photo source: pexels)

TierZoo is a super cool YouTube channel that you should check out if you are a fan of biology, gaming, or both. I’ve been enjoying it over the last week, and I’m certain that you will, too.

Then let me know what you think in the comments below. 😉

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