This blog post contradicts itself

Every pro-blogger will tell you that there’s a big rule that’s important to follow: Don’t always write about yourself.

Most of the time when people start a blog, they go into it with the idea that they’re starting a personal, public journal where they can share their thoughts about what’s happening in life, pop culture, current events, or in their kitchen.

It’s always about, “What do I think about something I experienced?”

That’s not really a bad place to start off. After all, you need to get in the groove of writing, and often times new bloggers are still trying to figure out what their audience is going to be like. It’s easier to write about things that you’re experiencing first-hand, and blogs offer a natural way for people to share their thoughts in a longer form than Twitter and Facebook posts.

Eventually, though, every blogger comes to the same crossroads: Either they pack up and quit because they can’t keep an audience around to read what they have to say, or they change up their content strategy to fit what people are looking for.

A lot of first-time bloggers pack up and quit.

Quitting makes puppy sad. :'(

Writing for an audience instead of for yourself

The reason why bloggers quit could be any number of things, but personally, I think one of the biggest causes is a lack of understanding of who the audience is.

If you have dreams of establishing some street cred and building a business out of your blog, then you are not really your own audience.

We are writing for people who may only ever know us online, and those people, in fact all people, read because they’re getting something of value. Reading takes time and is less engaging than a video, live stream, or even a podcast, so people are a lot less likely to read an entire blog post than they are to finish a video.

Most of us skim through articles until we find headlines and pictures that catch our attention, like this funny cat:

If you’re reading this but skipped the previous paragraphs, I rest my case.

After readers get used to skimming blog posts you write, and realizing that you only ever talk about yourself, later on they’ll choose to use their time differently. If each post is a repeat of the same daily personal thoughts as your previous entries, then people tend to get bored fairly quickly.

Time is an investment, and we all want to spend our currency of minutes in the best way possible.

Like looking at photos of cute animals. I caught you skimming again, didn’t I?

It’s not that YOU are boring, or that your life isn’t interesting. It’s just that people like to read and learn interesting new things that add value to their life. We want to maximize our time investment.

We aren’t writing for ourselves, or even for our moms. We’re writing for other living, breathing humans who want to grow in some way. Make sure you’re writing about things that will cause people to stop skimming for a few minutes and actually read what you have to say.

And yes, I did just imply that your mom is not a living, breathing human being. Prove me wrong.

So… what kinds of topics should we write about?

What you write about entirely depends on your end goals. Maybe you do want to run a blog as if it’s your public diary. That’s a totally fine choice.

But if you want to really connect with your audience, you need to write about things that they connect with outside of you and your products/creations. The same thing goes for companies that have blogs – very few people actually care about a company’s current standing in the industry.

Now is the point when I contradict everything I’ve been saying so far.

What I want to do with this blog is make it something that my readers can get some value out of. Maybe you won’t read every single blog post. That’s OK! My goal is that I write about enough interesting things that you’ll find joy and encouragement to pursue your various life goals.

Of course, I’ll also talk about myself, what I’m doing, the projects I’m working on, etc… but that can’t be the entirety of what I’m offering.

I can also offer you puppy photos.

What would you like me to write about here?

If I’m going to write for my audience, then I need to know what types of things my audience finds valuable.

Maybe you want to learn more about the coffee industry, or hear stories about interesting people around the world I’ve met, or read about the struggles of being a YouTuber and live streamer. Or perhaps you really like these types of posts talking about how to be more successful with professional content creation in general.

I’m gonna draw the line at writing about spiders, though. No matter how adorable.

Whatever it is that you’re interested in, let me know with a comment down below. I want to write for you, and that means getting to know you.

For now, though, it’s Christmas Day, the sun has risen on the horizon, and I still haven’t gone to sleep.

Happy Holidays to all of you celebrating. May you get every gift that brings you as much value as you already bring to the rest of the world.

Featured Photo Credit: Pexels

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