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I love nothing more then a good written story. In my opinion it is the greatest form of escapism. The Audio/Visual entertainment industry is great but nothing touches all your senses like your imagination can. Reading about your childhood story of the mud men reminds me of the jewish story of the goliath I believe it is. Call it my inner child but it resonated with me.

I am so glad I asked about the coffee, my parents were Folgers people and so I never saw the appeal of coffee. Some of the chocolate flavored stuff is ok, but when I saw the words fruity and peanut butter without syrups and such. Man I think I need to explore this further. It makes me think of the wine expression. "If you don't like wine, you simply haven't had the right glass" sounds like the same could be said for coffee.

Thanks for the reply. I will be eagerly awaiting your next installment to the Cafe!

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