MineHa.us Server Update: Protection Stones and Waystones

Part of the challenge of running a Minecraft server for VR players is finding ways to add helpful features without making them type commands. Today’s update accomplishes that.

There are two main features on a Survival Minecraft Server that are practically required:

  • Grief Protection
  • Teleports/Warps

Both of these are easy for your standard Java Edition player, who has a keyboard at hand that they can use to type commands with. That’s not so useful for the MineHa.us Survival Server, though, since it’s built for Minecraft VR. That means we need a different solution that doesn’t rely on commands.

Today, I’m adding those two features to the server using simple methods that are easy for Java Edition, Bedrock, and even VR players to use. Let’s check them out:

Protection Stones

When you first arrive on the VR server and turn around to leave the front door, you will now see a button that says, “Don’t forget your FREE Protection Stone!”

Clicking on this button will give you a Medium Protection Stone, the only one you’ll get for free, which is good for protecting a 64×64 region in the world. You cannot overlap your protected region with someone else’s, but you can add other members and owners to a region once you set it in place, allowing them to build or edit the region as well.

Optional Commands:

You do not need to use a command to get the first Protection Stone or place it down. Simply click the button at spawn shown in the screenshot above.

  • /freepstone – Same as clicking that button at spawn
  • /ps info – Learn about the protected region you’re standing in and who owns it
  • /ps add {playerName} – Allow a player to build in the region
  • /ps addowner {playerName} – Allow a player to edit the protection stone
  • /ps name {text} – Name your region
  • /ps sethome – Set a region home location
  • /ps home – Teleport to your region home
  • /ps view – See the border of the protected region and location of the stone

In the future, I’ll add more ways to get Protection Stones of varying sizes so that you can expand your builds.

Craftable Waystones

Once again, back in the spawn city, when you exit the Town Hall if you turn to the left you will see a new unique structure called, “Town Hall Waystone”. This publicly accessible structure can be clicked to open a list of all other Waystones that are available to the player.

Of course, as of right now there’s only this one Waystone publicly available.

In the future, this Waystone will give you access to other important Server locations and regions. But you can also create your own Waystones to place in your base and use to quickly teleport back to the server Waystones (or even Waystones of other players)! They look just a bit different than the Server Waystones.

Thanks, JustEmmaLee, for the screenshot.

Crafting a Waystone requires the following materials:

  • Smooth Stone Slab x2
  • Polished Andesite
  • Name Tag x2
  • Emerald Block x3
  • Ender Chest

Pretty expensive, but in the future there will be other ways to buy Waystones. There will also be a variety of types of Waystones that you can place which will serve different purposes.

Private Waystone Crafting Recipe

After you place your newly crafted Waystone in your base, you can click it to activate the Waystone to warp to other locations.

You can also modify the Waystones that you own (the person who placed the Waystone is always the Owner). Add members to the Waystone to allow other players to teleport to and from that location, rename the Waystone so you can remember which one it is in the list, and search or sort the full list of Waystones that you can teleport to.

No commands needed at all, just the way God intended.

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FancyWaystones by KudaDev
Protection Stones by EspiDev

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