MineHa.us Voices Update: Spatial Voice, Emojis, and More

In today’s update I’m adding new ways to make money, custom items, chat emojis, and support for spacial voice chat to the MineHa.us server network!

There has been a lot that’s happened over the last few weeks with the MineHa.us survival server network. Lots of small updates, and a few pretty major ones, too!

This blog post isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list (you’ll need to join the Discord server for that), but I do want to try and cover all of the major new features that you might want to know about to increase your fun times on the server.

Spatial Voice Chat (for Forge and Fabric users)

Players are not required to use voice chat, and if they don’t a small icon will appear above their head for mod users.

Since the MineHa.us server is currently focused on gameplay for VR players (even though non-VR players are more than welcome to join), I wanted to bring voice chat to the game. This is a follow-up on the previous update that added ways to interact with the world without using commands, because text chat in VR just plain sucks.

The Plasmo Voice Client for Forge and Fabric (Modrinth link) allows for players to enjoy spatial voice chat while on the server. With the mod installed, players can use either push-to-talk or voice activate mics to talk with other players that are nearby! This opens up a whole world of cool ideas, and may even be useful in upcoming Halloween celebrations.

Because the server is Spigot-based, anyone who does not have the mod installed via Forge or Fabric on their computers will not be able to hear other voice chatters or use the voice chat features themselves.

Mac users can also use the mod, but will require a few extra steps in order to turn their mics on due to restrictions in the OS. Let me know if you need help setting that up and I’ll send you the file you’ll need to get started.

An Important Note About Voice Chat:

You can check out the CurseForge link above for the download and tutorial, but I’d also like to make note of something else. With voice chat being so difficult to monitor and moderate, it’s important that the players who join are both older and able to quickly report misbehavior. Just like how Roblox introduced ID and age verification for players who want to use their spatial voice chat feature, MineHa.us will not allow minors to use Plasmo Voice Chat on this network.

Luckily, you’ve already passed the verification process when you joined the network by using the GamerSafer app. This whitelisting and verification process uses privacy and security best practices to let me know who is old enough to agree to the rules (and give their consent) before automatically giving access to the spatial voice feature.

I’ll do a more thorough breakdown of the rules and procedures in the future, but for right now please act with maturity and respect towards others while using voice chat. Even more than you already do in text chat. If you need to report someone for misbehavior, contact me on the Café Discord Server (linked in the menu).

Emojis in Chat

Players can now use emojis in chat, nicknames, books, nametags, and more! Right now there is a pretty basic list of a few dozen emojis, but over time I’ll add more custom ones to the server. You can access the list of emojis in two ways:

  • Type the command /emoji to see a tab autocomplete list of emojis that are available to you
  • Use the Discord emoji format with :emoji_name: to add it in the middle of other text you’re writing

Many of the emojis use the same name as what’s in Discord, so typing 🙂 will give you a 🙂 in chat!

New Items and Money Making!

As you explore the world and go about your usual Minecrafty business, you’ll find new custom items will start popping up in your inventory. This is one reason (along with the emojis above) that I’ve added a new texture pack that you’ll download when you join the server.

Today we’re starting off with two specific new items to be used in the Admin Collection Shop that’s available for you just outside of the Town Hall.

  • Fossils (sold for $250 each) can be found by mining regular Terracotta and Soul Sand
  • Rubies (sold for $100 each) can be found by mining Redstone Ore, Deepslate Redstone Ore, and Redstone Blocks

Both have a very rare chance of dropping currently, since the main use for them is to be sold to the Admin Collection Shop and I don’t want to inflate the economy. In the future there will be other uses for these two items, and many other items added to the list as well!

In the new Admin Collection Shop you’ll find four other items that you can also sell for a few bucks. Every Saturday, and only on Saturday, this list will rotate based on if the Collector has filled their demand. This means that if players have not sold enough of each of the items, then those items will carry over into the next week’s rotation.

Make sure you get to this quickly! If other players sell enough items to fill the Collector’s demands, then that’s it for those sales that week and you’ll have to wait until the next Saturday to sell other items.

You can download the plugins and mods used for this update at the links below, and join the MineHa.us Server Network using Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock at IP Address mineha.us

Check out all of the MineHa.us update posts here.

Plasmo Voice Client
ItemsAdder by LoneDev


  1. That’s really cool Stiff! I’m digging the additions and the blog posts about said changes. Plus seems to have increased your output of of blog posts which is another win! Haha

    I was going to ask about moderation just before you mentioned that your using GamerSafer to restrict access. I think it’s really cool that you can use it to block certain features!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! I’m having fun putting out the updates, and you’re right it definitely gives me an excuse to publish more on the blog.

      Did you have a specific question about moderation? I’m expecting GamerSafer will keep most of your standard trolls out of the place. Over time I’d like to introduce a bit more to the Spatial Voice functionality to help there just in case someone who’s using GamerSafer still wants to be a butt. Right now it will rely on members reporting disruptive behaviors to me directly.

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