MineHa.us Creative Update: New Creative Server + Textures

This week’s update is all about being creative. With new textures and a Creative Flatworld Server, I hope you’ll find some inspiration to get started and tell stories!

Minecraft is all about being creative and imaginative, so lately I’ve been working on adding more creative features to the mineha.us network. Providing new features that both spark imaginative ideas and allow players to act on those ideas is important to the creative process, so that’s what today’s update is all about.

I’m not a big fan of doing the same thing as every other server, though, so I’m approaching these new features with a plan to keep simplicity in mind while still being unique. I want to get out of the way of players and give them freedom to explore their ideas, and then I’ll make other updates in the future to match their desires. As with the previous updates, this one all about laying strong foundations.

New (Old) Textures, Items, and Recipes

Back in the day when I ran the Villagered SMP and TreeCrafters servers, we had a number of different items and custom recipes to make life a little more interesting (and easier) on the server. I’m bringing some of those back now with the goal of expanding on a lot of these ideas in the future.

Items like the different-colored Raid Horns can be activated to sound the alarm for players in an area, while new foods like Peanuts can be mixed with Cocoa and Sweetened Condensed Milk to create Fudge or other new food items. You can even craft a Fudge Sword that makes a sticky sound when you slap someone with it!

Raid Horns drop rarely from Pillagers and can be dyed.

Some old-timers might even recognize some favorite items of the past in the screenshot above, but there will be plenty more to come for the new-comers to enjoy! A full list of custom items and their recipes or where to find them will be added to an upcoming MineHa.us Wiki once that’s ready. The items are also on display in the Town Hall if you’d like to see them as they’re rolled out.

Introducing MineHa.us Open Creative Server

A few days before this update was announced, we had an awesome stream checking out the haunted mansion build made in collaboration between Dragonsbreath60, whitecloud103, TheKeita, RedstoneBattery, and Cheeanne.

This adventure was built on the flatworld creative server that was officially added to the MineHa.us network over the weekend! Unlike most creative servers, I wanted to let players have a little more freedom and got rid of creative plot claiming and limitations. With WorldGuard in place and a massive, open, flat world, players can define their own regions to build in, and even invite other players to join them!

To get to the Creative Server, players must type the “/creative” command while on the VR Survival Server to be teleported to a portal. Walking through this portal will send you to the Creative Server where you can get started. There’s also a Creative Warp Waystone next to this portal that you can get to from any other Waystone on the server.

Once you’re on the Creative Server, you will have access to build and WorldEdit in any region that you are a Member or Owner of.

To claim a new region, follow these steps:

  1. Type “//wand” to get the region selection wand
  2. Use the wand (a Wooden Axe) to select two points of a cube around the area that you want to claim
  3. Once you’ve selected the region you want to claim, type “/region claim SOMENAME” and replace “SOMENAME” with the region name of your choice.

That’s it! You now have a new region that you can build or WorldEdit in, and you can even add other Members to join you there by typing “/region info” while standing in that region. Click the “Add” link in the chat message that appears next to “Members” to give another player permission to build and WorldEdit in your region.

Regions cannot overlap another player’s region, and players cannot build or WorldEdit in a region unless they have been given permission by the region’s owner. However, we do still have CoreProtect installed just in case someone has any problems. I hope that won’t be necessary, though, especially since everyone has used the GamerSafer app to join the network.

To get back to the VR Survival Server from the Creative Server, type “/vr” and walk through the portal.

As with the VR Survival Server, the Creative Server’s chat is synced to The CafĂ© Discord Server.

Join the MineHa.us Server Network using Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock at IP Address mineha.us

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