This blog is aimless (and I don’t care)

Why does it seem like we can’t create anything of value if we aren’t doing it for some return on investment?

I’ve been doing a bit of reading into the trends of blogging in 2022, and it may come as no surprise that most blogging experts say that aimless writing servers no purpose. The author gains nothing, the audience gains nothing. There’s no money to be made, no audience to grow, and no lessons to be learned.

Whatever. I don’t care.

Why does everything in 2022 have to have some ultimate goal? Why does every bit of effort that someone puts forth have to result in a return of financial or social success? Why can’t I just write a blog post, or make a song, or play a video game just because it brings me joy?

No. In 2022, people are pushing for video games to add NFTs so people can make money from what used to be entertainment. Every person who creates something needs to have a Patreon so that they can reap the benefits of the work they put into their creations. If you’re a YouTuber your goal is to get more subscribers so you can eventually land a sponsor.

Everything is a business to be run. Everyone is a product to be sold.

I have no problem with people who turn their hobbies into a business or side-gig. That is really cool, and a lot of times incredibly inspiring, but why does every bit of advice for creators have to imply, “If you aren’t making a living off of this, it may not be for you.”

Obviously, there are plenty of people out there who do things strictly for the enjoyment of it. I’m not alone in wanting to do something, like blogging, simply because I want to have an outlet and not because I want to make a buck off of it. Those types of people are no better than those who want to do it for a paycheck.

They’re also no worse.

Some of the most treasured historical finds are simple documents, drawings, diaries, and recordings from random every day people who are simply capturing a moment in their otherwise ordinary lives. It makes me wonder if they are treasured and valuable because it was clear the creators weren’t driven by a motive of trying to make profit or drive a political agenda.

I write in a personal, pen-and-paper, real-life journal from time-to-time. No one is reading it because I’m not writing it for anyone else. I still value it because it allows me to get my thoughts out there and think through what I believe about the events of that day.

Oh, you experts of blogging, what is so wrong about writing an aimless personal blog? I took all your advice on how to make money off blogging and lit my pipe with it. Some things are meant for personal growth and don’t need grand goals in order to matter. Keep your tips to yourself, and I’ll keep my aimless, “useless” blog, my infrequently updated YouTube channel, and my numerous notes full of song lyrics I’ll never sing.

This place is mine, and maybe a few other random visitors along the way. That’s my aim, and I won’t miss.

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