The kindness that you preach

This article was written in 2016 for a website that is no longer live. I am republishing it here with some minor edits.

Sometimes the people that smile the most are the ones weighed down by the most pain. 

That certainly was the case for me. Last month I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the most contradictory time of my life.

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This blog post contradicts itself

Every pro-blogger will tell you that there’s a big rule that’s important to follow: Don’t always write about yourself.

Most of the time when people start a blog, they go into it with the idea that they’re starting a personal, public journal where they can share their thoughts about what’s happening in life, pop culture, current events, or in their kitchen.

It’s always about, “What do I think about something I experienced?”

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A really strange confession

Donations are weird to me.

Not that I don’t like them or appreciate them. I really do! They can seriously make my day and let me know that you guys are having a great time.

It’s just that, for me at least, I feel like I don’t deserve to get donations. Like, do you people seriously like me and what I’m doing so much that you’re willing to, for lack of a better phrase, pay to see more?

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Why I don’t want to share my plans anymore

I’ve fallen into a trap.

Or, really, I’ve been comfortably living in the bottom of this trap for quite some time. Only occasionally lifting my head up to recognize I’m in the trap before laying back down to get comfortable again.

That trap is, “telling other people what my goals are.”

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I’ve been trying to figure this website out for a long time

It’s finally arrived! I know I’ve been promising a new website since… oh, I don’t know, I reached my first 100 subscribers on YouTube?

Wow, OK. So that was quite a long time ago. My bad. 😳

NO EXCUSES! It’s just time to get down to business and make this thing happen!

Welcome to the new!

On this new website you’ll find a few things that I hope you’ll enjoy:

  • Personal blog posts with me rambling about life or being a content creator
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at content I’m creating
  • Coffee Beans and other Merch for sale
  • Private content, videos, and polls for my Regulars
  • Announcements relating to YOU and the Café Community
  • More?

Of course, I can’t do much over here without you, so be sure to leave a comment (or message me on Discord) with your ideas for how I can make this website a great place to visit!

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It’s us against the world

Interpersonal relationships can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Especially when they’re with people you’ve never met, on the other side of the world, with totally different backgrounds and cultures and approaches to life.

When I first started getting into being a “creative”, launching my Minecraft server and publishing my first YouTube videos, I had an expectation that things would be different than in other industries.

Well, they are different… for better AND for worse.

For the most part, things are great. You put your heart and soul into something you’re really excited about, you share it with your friends and supporters who enjoy experiencing new creations with you, and you improve your skills day after day. You don’t have a goal to find perfection, but you continually strive after it anyway because you can tell that you’re getting closer with each new creative endeavor you embark on.

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Most days I don’t know what I’m doing

I guess that’s fine, really. I doubt any of us really know exactly what the best course of action is for tomorrow. We’ve got these ideas in our minds about what we want to do, but then life comes and flips it all around on us.

That’s OK, though. We’ve just gotta keep trucking on and figure it out in time. It’s alright if we make mistakes along the way, just as long as we show humility, forgiveness, and a little patience while we do it.

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