You have 7 days to live.

We’re heading back to the Haus of Stifflered tomorrow.

My old YouTube channel where I used to make Minecraft Let’s Play videos is being reborn, and I’m actually pretty nervous about it.

Why? Because I’m going to be playing an entirely different game.

And because I’m a noob.

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It’s us against the world

Interpersonal relationships can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Especially when they’re with people you’ve never met, on the other side of the world, with totally different backgrounds and cultures and approaches to life.

When I first started getting into being a “creative”, launching my Minecraft server and publishing my first YouTube videos, I had an expectation that things would be different than in other industries.

Well, they are different… for better AND for worse.

For the most part, things are great. You put your heart and soul into something you’re really excited about, you share it with your friends and supporters who enjoy experiencing new creations with you, and you improve your skills day after day. You don’t have a goal to find perfection, but you continually strive after it anyway because you can tell that you’re getting closer with each new creative endeavor you embark on.

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😱 “You’ve Been FINED $42,530 for Recording Minecraft Earth!!”

What is COPPA and how will it affect Minecraft Earth YouTubers? Let’s talk about it.

Send your comment to the FTC now

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