Villagered SMP Server Info

The Villagered SMP is the cornerstone of the Minecraft Server for the Café. It is a fairly standard Survival server with a twist; your goal is to build a Village and defend it from stronger-than-normal Pillagers.

The server has custom plugins built just for us to enjoy, with new challenges, items, textures, recipes, food, and more!

You can join it at Server IP Address in Java 1.15.2.

There is a custom texture pack that will be downloaded when you join the server. You can download it manually so that this doesn’t happen right here.

Table of Contents

Keep an eye out for Villagered Tales videos on the Café Stifflered YouTube Channel! If you build a village with a cohesive tone, and make it feel like it’s really alive and has a story to tell, stifflered may make a video showing off your creation. Just like this one:

Main Challenges

  1. Start off with one of three kits to help create your first Village, with three Villager Professions unlocked.
  2. Pillagers spawn more often around you, so make sure you’re defending your Villagers.
  3. Unlock new Villager Professions by growing your Village and trading emeralds. Buy blueprints from The Architect at the /villagered Spawn Town with those emeralds.
  4. Each time you kill a Pillager Patrol Captain, get fancy loot. As you kill more Captains, you’ll get better loot!
  5. Each time you beat a Raid, you’ll also get mega loot for your victory! There is no End Dimension, so the only way to get End loot is through killing Patrol Captains and winning Raids.

Side Challenges

  • Open a chest shop at the /villagered Spawn Town and sell your items to other players.
  • Find all of the Pillager letters and diaries to learn the story of the Pillagers as they’ve patrolled the lands. You may even learn about some secret treasures to find.
  • Tell a story with your Village. What challenges have its citizens faced? Who are the leaders and citizens? Do they have a religion or noble cause? If you have an interesting story, you could be featured in a Villagered Tale video on YouTube.
  • Use custom recipes to create special foods or items that give you different effects.
  • Upgrade your fancy beacon to give you insane buffs and different effects that will make your Village even more amazing than it already is.

Making Money

The server’s money is called “Emeralds” – ξ -, but that’s not to be confused with the emeralds you trade with Villagers. There are several ways that you can make money.

You can check your balance at any time with /balance or in the /bank.

  1. Sell your ores in the Ore Exchange using /bank. Once you get a Silk Touch pick, you’ll be able to gather any ores that you want and sell them to the bank.
  2. Sell your items to other players with a chest shop. You can set your chest shop up anywhere, but the best place is near the /villagered Spawn Town. A video below will teach you how to set up your chest shop to sell different items.
  3. Find money in loot you get from killing Pillager Patrol Captains or successfully defending against a Raid.
  4. Do tasks for other players that hire you.

Chest Shops

Players are encouraged to open a chest shop to sell the items they’ve gathered to others. Here is a video explaining how to open a chest shop AND how to buy items from another player’s shop.

NOTE: Before you can open a chest shop, you’ll need to unlock the permission to do so in /bank for ξ1000.

Using Money

The Villagered SMP has a thriving economy with lots of different ways to use the money that you make:

  • Buy items from a chest shop at the /villagered Spawn Town.
  • Purchase region Protection Stones from the /bank
  • Buy ores from the Ore Exchange in /bank
  • Upgrade your fancy beacon to unlock stronger effects (right-click any beacon)
  • Unlock new crafting recipes and Villager Professions from The Architect at the /villagered Spawn Town.
  • Hire other players to do different tasks for you with /money pay {playername} {amount}
  • Purchase decorative /heads to use around your builds.

Pillager and Raid Loot

As you grow your Village, you’ll notice that Pillagers spawn a lot more often, and some of them may even be buffed a bit to be stronger, healthier, or have special abilities. Don’t be afraid of them, though. Take them on with a glorious fight!

As you kill Pillager Patrol Captains, you’ll get different loot, sometimes even ξ money, that gets better and better the more Captains you kill.

With each Raid that you successfully defend against, depending on the number of Captains you’ve killed, you’ll be given a Shulker Box with different loot that will help you make your Village even stronger in the future.

Sometimes the Pillagers will drop letters and journals that you can read and collect. Unravel the mystery of why the Pillagers are so bent on ravaging the land, or just learn about their favorite food recipes.

Protection Stones

We use Protection Stones to create private regions that only YOU and the players you give permission will have access to build in. This prevents griefing and trolling from bad players.

Here’s a brief rundown of how they work:

  • Buy Protection Stones with ξ in /bank of various sizes. The more you pay, the larger the size of the protected region.
  • View information about the region you’re standing in by typing /ps info
  • Add or remove players from the region you’re standing in with /ps add {playername} or /ps remove {playername}
  • Unclaim a protected region and get the Protection Stone back in your inventory to place again with /ps unclaim OR by breaking the Protection Stone you placed with a pickaxe.
  • See a list of all of the Protection Stone regions you have with /ps list
  • Give your region a nickname with /ps name {nickname}
  • Protection Stones will automatically merge together if you own multiple regions that overlap.

Powerful Beacons

On the Villagered SMP Server, beacons have been given an upgrade in both their range and the abilities/effects that they give users. There are a lot of features built into the beacons, and the best way to learn them all is to get a beacon for yourself to see what all of the options are!

Beacon Effects Include:

  • Furnace Booster (4 levels) – Speeds up furnaces in the area
  • Crops Booster (6 levels) – Skips crop growth stages
  • Speed Boost (3 levels) – Run faster
  • Jump Boost (3 levels) – Jump higher
  • Strength (3 levels) – Do more melee damage
  • Resistance (3 levels) – Decreases damage taken from mobs
  • Fast Miner (3 levels) – Haste effect
  • Regeneration (2 levels) – Faster healing
  • Night Vision (1 level) – umm… it’s night vision
  • Feather Flying (4 levels) – Fly around the beacon
  • Peaceful Area (1 level) – Mobs are no longer hostile
  • Slowerize (3 levels) – Mobs walk slower
  • Cure (3 levels) – Bad effects are removed from players

Upgrading Beacons

Each different effect and level will have a different cost, but all beacon effects can be upgraded with either money ( ξ Emeralds) or Experience (player levels).

Effects require a certain amount of power in order to activate them! This means that the larger your beacon’s base is, and the more valuable items that you use to create that base, the more power you have available to unlock effects. For example: A beacon with 3 layers of Diamond Blocks has 269 power, while Iron Blocks only give 166 power.

  • Gold Blocks = 2 Power each
  • Iron Blocks = 2 Power each
  • Diamond Blocks = 3 Power each
  • Emerald Blocks = 4 Power each

As you increase the power of a beacon, you also increase its effective range.

  • 9 Power = 20 Block Range
  • 34 Power = 40 Block Range
  • 83 Power = 60 Block Range
  • 164 Power = 80 Block Range
  • 285 Power = 99 Block Range
  • 420 Power = 150 Block Range
  • 650 Power = 200 Block Range

Other Beacon Tips

  • Breaking a beacon will drop a beacon with the same effects stored. You can then place the beacon down in a new location, or even sell it to another player and they’ll have the effects unlocked for them already.
  • Beacon bases can be built up to 5 layers tall and can have any other blocks built in them (you can mix Diamond and Iron blocks, for example).
  • You can use Protection Stones with the right material (Gold, Iron, DIamond, or Emerald) as part of the beacon’s base.

Crafting Recipes

The Villagered SMP has a number of custom crafting recipes. Some of the important ones are listed here.

Small Sack
Dirt Slabs
Emerald Bag

Other Commands

Here is a list of other commands that you may want to know about:

  • /help – Check out different links and other helpful info about the server.
  • /settings – Toggle various profile settings for your account.
  • /prefix – Set your chat and tablist prefix which you can unlock in different ways.
  • /rules – See the server’s rules and accept them to get a special /prefix to use.
  • /kit – Sometimes (like during the Saturday Server Parties) there will be item kits available for you to get with this command.
  • /sethome {name} – Sets a home with the name you give it so that you can teleport back there at any time.
  • /home {name} – Teleport to a specific home you set previously.
  • /tpa {playername} – Request to teleport to a player of your choice, then stand still when they accept (by clicking a message in chat).
  • /tpahere {playername} – Ask a player if they’d like to teleport to your location, which they accept by clicking a message in chat.
  • /autosort – Enable or disable auto-sorting your chests or inventory.
  • /depositall – Automatically send the items in your inventory to nearby organized chests.
  • /letter – Write a letter which you can then send to another player. They’ll receive it the next time they’re online.
  • /post {playername} – Send the /letter you just wrote to a player of your choice.
  • /mute {playername} – Prevent another player from chatting with you privately or publicly.
  • /msg {playername} – Send another player a private message.
  • /r – Shortcut to reply back to the last private message sent to you.
  • /toggleshiftedit – Enable or disable the ability to edit signs by holding crouch.
  • /server build – Teleport to the Creative Build Server
  • /lobby – Teleport to the server lobby so that you can go to a different server on the network.

Other Features

  • Use backpacks (crafted with the recipes shown above) by right-clicking while holding the backpack in your hand.
  • Crouch while holding a Diamond Axe, then chop at a tree to cut the entire tree down.
  • When you log onto the server, if someone has written you a /letter your Postman will appear nearby. Right-click the Postman to receive your letter.
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